Evidence Based Educational Resources for everyone interested in improved outcomes for our students who are on the autism spectrum.

Autism Internet Training Modules
flag aut net train mods A national collaboration has produced training modules for teachers of students with autism spectrum disorders. The modules that have developed are high quality and new modules are added on a ongoing basis. Existing modules include, Home Base, Transitions, Visual Supports, Assessment for Identification, Picture Exchange Communication System and many more.
Autism Monograph Edition of the Utah Special Educator Journal
flag educator autismRead more... This edition of the Utah Special Educator Journal has 88 pages dedicated to Autism topics and resources.
National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders
flag nat pd center aut spec disorders A project supported by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and a multi-university partnership to provide training to states in evidence based practices for students with autism spectrum disorders Evidence Based Practices Summary and Training Modules.
Autism National Standards Project (2009)
flag autism national standards project Built to determine the evidence base for practices used with students with autism spectrum disorders. It provides the most long range and comprehensive information to date and includes guidelines on making treatment choices for students.
Educating Children with Autism - National Academies Press (2001)
flag educating children with autism book
A report prepared by the Committee on Educational Interventions for Children with Autism, National Council. This is a compendium of scientifically based knowledge in the field of autism authored by experts in the field of autism research and treatment.
2009 Foundations of Autism Conference
flag kidsRead more... Podcasts of the entire proceedings of the Foundations of Autism Conference 2009, held in Cedar City, UT November 9-10, 2009.
Autism Eligibility Presentation by Jocelyn Taylor, USOE
flag autism-eligibilityRead more... This is the Wimba Archive of a presentation given at the Utah Charter Roundtable. 9-8-2010
Autism: Essentials for Educators
flag-masonRead more... An introduction to autism for teachers who work with students with high functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome. These materials may be used in two one-hour sessions and include pre-session reading assignments, video, facilitator's guide, and participants' handouts.

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