National Webinars and Resources

Transition Webinars:

September 2016: NTACT "Ask the Expert: Transition Tips to Start Your Year Off Right!"

Sponsored by NTACT Dr. Mary Morningstar and Sarah Roberts share strategies about what you can do to start your year off right.  Learn about the most important domains for transition, and how to prioritize your time and energies! Get ideas, new resources, advice  and strategies. This event is for ALL transition stakeholders (teacher, coordinator, VR counselor, agency personnel). 


June 2016: “Growth Mindset and Belonging Research: What Educators can do to Support Students’ Resilience During the Transition to College”


June 2016: Promoting Self-Determination and More Positive Transition Outcomes: The Self-Determination Learning Model of Instruction

The webinar will provide an overview of self-determination and the research supporting the importance of promoting self-determination.  Information on one evidence-based practice, the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction (SDLMI) will be provided.  Implementation of the SDLMI at the classroom, school or district-wide levels will be a focus of this webinar.”



Developing Community Action Teams

Archived Webinar

Discover an essential component of establishing partnerships for your agency in learning how to initiate a Community Action Team (CAT) that will focus specifically on securing competitive and integrated employment for persons living with ID/DD.


Think College

Think College sponsors webinars on a variety of topics related to postsecondary education for students with intellectural disabilities.  Follow this link for more information on upcoming and archived webinars.



Strategies for Communicating Results
REL Central and Joshua Thomases will present his experience on using the change to Common Core-Linked Assessments to enhance discussions about instructional practice. Click for Webinar Recording


Related Service Providers in Transition Planning and Services
This webinar was presented on January 27, 2015.  It is archived at NSTTAC’s website. The webinar was presented by related service providers (OT, PT, SLT) regarding their critical role in quality transition planning and services. Follow this link to view the webinar:

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